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Hi, I'm Lily!

I aim to facilitate human connection and tell stories through design. Scroll to see what I've been up to!


A passive yet meaningful approach to interpersonal connection for van-dwellers.

wix - capstone2.png
wix - capstone - zoomed in2.png

 senior capstone  industrial design  illustration   UI/UX design


An IoT system of modular wearables for temperature monitoring and regulation.

wix - flux2.png
wix - flux - zoomed in3.png

industrial design   UI/UX design


A cuddly companion for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

wix - squishi.png
wix - squishi - zoomed in.png
gia-student-design-logo-pink (1).png
wix - squishi - zoomed in2.png

 GIA Student Design Honorable Mention   industrial design


A system for supporting communication between dementia patients and caregivers.

wix - memo.png
wix - memo - zoomed in.png

UI/UX design


A multi-purpose smart jacket that can be transformed into a shelter for homeless.

wix - tent3.png
wix - tent - zoomed in3.png

industrial design   UI/UX design


A flat package lighting unit that casts unique shadows.

wix - chuan.png
wix - chuan3.png

 design sprint   industrial design

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