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a dream within a dream

Lily Liu

dxarts 460 final project

duration: 3' 38"

A Dream Within a Dream is an electroacoustic piece for Ambisonics surround sound that consists of four "dreamscapes" or movements, representing falling asleep, entering into dreams, having a nightmare, and slowly waking up. The narrative of the piece was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem of the same name. 


This piece includes generated sine tones as well as sounds from both and my own close-field recordings using a Zoom H2n recorder. It was composed using the DAWs Twisted Wave and Reaper.

Techniques: reverberation, pitch envelopes, sound reversal, playback speed manipulation, high pass and low pass filters, volume envelopes, and ATK plugins Rotate, Tilt, Tumble and Focus, Press, Push, Zoom (Ambisonics surround sound)

Although the piece was originally intended for surround sound systems, I have included the stereo version below.

take the dive

Lily Liu

dxarts 460 midterm project

duration: 1' 26"

Take the Dive is an electroacoustic piece in the compositional style of musique concrète for stereo sound systems. It conveys a narrative of dealing with intrusive and overwhelming feelings of alarm and stress.


This piece uses sounds from and was composed using the DAWs Twisted Wave and Reaper.

Techniques: reverberation, sound reversal, volume envelopes, panning envelopes, and high pass, low pass, and band-pass filters

'round midnight

Lily Liu (guitar) and Maya Uradnik (vocals)

personal project

duration: 2' 52"

'Round Midnight is a jazz standard composed by renowned American jazz pianist Thelonious Monk.


Maya and I recorded our rendition of 'Round Midnight together as a personal project in 2017.


Listening to this recording always reminds me of my love of and passion for music, whether it be in traditional or experimental forms.

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